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Best 1st Birthday Wishes – Birthday Messages and Quotes for 1 Year Olds

Best 1st Birthday Wishes – Birthday Messages and Quotes for 1 Year Olds:

There are few occasions more meaningful in a child’s life than his or her first birthday. Although no one really remembers his or her first birthday, it marks a special time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate this new little person in their lives. For many babies, a first birthday is the first time they will get to try cake and the resulting pictures and memories are so much fun to look back on. A child is truly a magical gift and what can be more exciting than making memories and letting a little one know just how much they mean to you. Since the baby can’t read yet, first birthday wishes are for the parents to read. Rather than just writing happy birthday in your card you can make fun at the parents or say something cute. Browse our wonderful collection of 1st Birthday Wishes and send them a sweet message. Make them smile with a spectacular way of saying Happy 1st Birthday.




Best 1st Birthday Wishes

  • I will not sat that life will be hard for you in future when you will grow up. But I promise I will be with you whenever you will feel blue. Happy birthday baby!
  •  The cutest selfies ever… are the on taken with you. Happy birthday little angel!
  • This is just the first of many “happy birthdays” for you. Have a deliciously fun 1st birthday, little cutie!
  •  Everyone loves you not because you are turning one, but because you are truly one in a million. We fuss over you not just because holding you is life ‘s precious treat. In a life, we know you will go very far. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll be a rock star. Happy 1 st birthday!
  • This is just the first of many “happy birthdays” for you. Have a deliciously fun 1st birthday, little cutie!
  •  You are going to melt everyone’s heart with your cute little smile. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the 1 year old baby with the cutest and most contagious smile. You are life most precious gift that God ever sent to us. But as for have a lovely day.

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  • Enjoy your special day. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.
  • On your first birthday we want to celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life by stuffing our faces in front of you. Yum! Happy 1st Birthday
  •  Enjoy your smash cake on you’re first birthday, you have the rest of your life to be proper.
  •  You are a real gem, one in a million. Happy birthday baby!


  • I didn’t think you could get any cuter but now I see you enjoying your cake, I realize that you can. You just might be the cutest thing in the entire world.
  •  You may be only one year old but it is obvious to me you are destined for glory. Happy first birthday.
  • Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top, my love for you grows and never will stop. Happy Birthday to you, sweet little one. Hoping your Birthday is love-filled and fun.
  • To the dear Birthday Baby: When you came into this world you made everyone around you happier. We all gratefully look forward to another year of joy as we watch you grow.
  • Happy first birthday. I know you may be too young to remember this day but I want you know how much you are loved.
  • Who knew that one tiny little ball of sweetness (YOU) could improve the lives of so many? Happy Birthday to our little miracle.

happy-birthday-cupcake First-Birthday-Background-Images

  • Tiny hands and feet, tiny little coo’s, tiny little smiles… ENORMOUS happiness for those who love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.
  • Today is your first birthday, my precious sweetie, so let us shake, rattle and roll!

  • I am so grateful each day for you. You are certainly one of God’s greatest gifts. I pray that the coming year brings you countless and abundant blessings. Happy Birthday.
  • Turning one year old is AWESOME! You get to smash cake all over the place, spit it back out on your Mom, and if anyone gets mad at you just cry a lot and they’ll forgive you. Have a Happy Birthday, kiddo!
  • I can’t believe how tall you have grown already. You are growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday, my little one.
  • I’m so excited to watch you have some birthday cake for the first time. Happy 1st birthday, little one.
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  • This is just the first of many parties we will have for you, my little one. I hope today allows you to feel just how much you are loved.You are the most amazing little thing I have ever seen. I love you and happy 1st birthday to you.
  • I know you may not know how important this day is just yet, but trust me, one day I hope you will understand just how much you mean to me.
  • To the most adorable 1-year-old I know, have a happy birthday! Enjoy that cuteness factor for as long as possible, cause those pre-teen years are hardly ever kind.
  •  I just can’t resist pampering such a cutie pie with gifts again and again. Happiest birthday to you.


  • Wow, it‘s hard to believe that today you are turning one. May this day be as amazing as you are cutie!
  •  Your birthday is not lesser than any festival for us. So let’s celebrate this day with great joy. Happy birthday!
  • Turning 1 is a big deal! It’s time to rattle and roll! Happy 1st birthday!
  •  Your birthday is not a miracle, but what you will make out of your life will definitely be. Happy birthday!
  •  I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever ! I love you more than words can say my little baby <3 Have the best birthday ever
  • You are the sun of my life. Our life is so bright and shining just because of you! Happy birthday!

7820708_f520 happy-birthday-cupcake

  • When I wish you “happy birthday” There is so much to say! Words will not be enough But I will not stop today!
  •  Celebrate every moment, there is no time to be blue, today is your birthday, today is all about YOU! Happy birthday.
  •  Twelve more years until you become a strange and distant teenager. We are gonna enjoy hugging and kissing you as much as we can until then. Happy birthday.


  • Happy first birthday. I hope you will be as happy and loved as you are now, for the rest of your life.
  •  Forget the latest iphone. You are the latest obsession of the entire family. Happy 1 st birthday!

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